Can I be in multiple extracurricular activities if I am in band?

Yes! Students are encouraged to participate in as many extracurricular activities as possible! Mr. Thurber and Ms. Toney work closely with our each student and all their activities sponsors/coaches to ensure full participation in all. 

Do I have to audition for the band program?

No. The only requirement for membership in the Natchitoches Central Band program is being enrolled as a student, and in good academic and behavioral standing. 

Can I be in Flagline/Winterguard and the Concert Band?

Yes! Folks who perform on an instrument may be in both the Tribal Fire Flagline/Winterguard and a concert ensemble (Concert Band or Intermediate Band). Time management is key to success if in both activities. 

Can I be in marching band and concert band?

Yes! All students who are members of the NCHS Band Department are automatically members of the "Pride of the Tribe" marching band and the Natchitoches Central Concert Band.

How will band effect my GPA?

If your student attends rehearsals and performances, then they should receive and A in band. Most of the grades are performance and rehearsal based, while a small portion is based on playing tests (which students have the option to re-take). As long as your student is attending events and giving it their all, their grade will be fine. 

In addition, it has been shown that students who participate in the arts score better in their core classes. 

How hard is it to march?

Marching and playing is a skill that everyone can learn with enough focused and efficient practice time. At band camp, your students will learn the fundamentals of how to march, how to combine marching with playing, and will get numerous reps to build up their ability with this skill. 

What is Band Camp?

Band camp is a required two week camp which members of the "Pride of the Tribe" Marching Band will learn school songs, stands tunes, marching fundamentals, and the first movement to the competition field show. In addition, students will build a "Team" culture among their section members and fellow band mates. 

How physically demanding is marching band?

Marching band is a very physically demanding activity. students will need to be properly hydrated at all times, and will need to eat food on a regular basis. In the summers, it is a good idea for students to perform physical activity outside to get acclimated to the heat (ex: walk or jog around your neighborhood). 

What events does the marching band perform at? 

The marching band performs at all football games, LMEA marching festivals, the Natchitoches Festival of Lights Christmas Parade, and local Mardi Gras parades. We also have a pep band which performs at select volleyball, boys/girls basketball games. 

What events does the concert band perform at?

The concert band performs at a number of events, including: an annual fall concert (beginning October 2023), NCHS Veterans Day, an annual Christmas concert, NCHS Christmas Program, Natchitoches Parish Band Festival, LMEA District Assessment, an annual spring concert, and the NCHS graduation ceremony. 

The concert band also takes an annual "big trip" each spring (starting spring 2023). For their first trip, the NCHS Concert Band will be traveling to the Louisiana State University "Pre Fest" in Baton Rouge, La. 

How important is time management to success in band?

Time management is an important skill not just for band, but for all aspects of life. Students participating in the NCHS band have the opportunity to learn these skills at a young age, which will benefit them moving into adulthood.

Are there opportunities in music after high school?

Yes! There are many opportunities for students to pursue music after high school. College bands all across the world are always looking for first class musicians/people to study and perform at their institutions. Financial scholarships and residential accommodations are two common perks of performing in colligate band programs.

 What if I cannot afford an instrument?

Natchitoches Central has an instrument inventory on site. If a student is unable to provide a personal instrument, they have the opportunity to check out a school owned instrument. 

What if I cannot pay the total amount of the band fee?

Throughout the school year, there are multiple opportunities to earn money towards the band fee. A list of these will be presented at the start of the Fall semester, and will take registration prior to the band fee due date. 

Can I set up a payment plan for the band fee?

YES! You will have to sit down with Mr. Thurber and Ms. Toney to agree to the terms of your payment plan. No child should be turned away from a music education due to financial hardships at home.